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Brack Driving Concepts offers a variety of programs catering to drivers wishing to get better whether to improve their street driving, getting that extra second in a competitive event or to qualify for a race license (sanctioned race school by ASN Canada FIA).

Brack Driving Concepts also provide precision drivers for the media.

High Performance Driving – “Become the Best Driver”
This program is for drivers that wish to improve their driving skills.

An advanced car control program held in a controlled road course and skid pad environment so drivers can concentrate on learning new techniques. Attending this event you will learn something new and discover capabilities that you did not realize your vehicle had. For those who think they may have an interest, it is a glimpse into competitive motorsport.

Our program not only teaches drivers to be more skilled, it just may save your life. You will learn how to drive more confidently. We believe that this is an opportunity that everyone should experience, at least once, and if they like it, come back to build their skills further! The in-car coach adjusts to the skill level of the driver and their vehicle.

Confidence Builder
Drivers that need some confidence building (e.g. due to a motor vehicle incident, reaction to those other drivers around them) have found our program to be beneficial in helping them build trust in their abilities and learn some new skills to make themselves more comfortable and confident in day-to-day driving.

Custom Corporate Events
We offer several formats:
• Fleet safety training
• Product launch
• Client appreciation
• Staff team building
• Fun event
• Precision drivers (for media)

We customize driving events tailor-made to the objectives of the client at a road course or large parking lot-type setting. We provide a relaxed and fun atmosphere where drivers can learn new skills that will assist them in day-to-day driving and become better drivers while meeting the objective(s) of the host.

Contact us to discuss your needs.

Our Coaches
Our coaches are chosen not only for their skill and ability to teach, but for their excellence in attitude and perspective as well. Combined they offer over 700 years of collective instructional background. That breadth of experience is apparent whether you are in the classroom, performing exercises, or on the track putting it all into practice.

The coaches bring to the table a great deal of safety-oriented, high-performance driving experience creating a casual, fun and informative day. Most have participated in various motorsport disciplines. Besides their knowledge and teaching skills, they also have great passion to see the improvement in those participating.

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