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**Program Overview

Our program not only teaches you to be more skilled at the wheel of a vehicle, it just may save your life. We provide you with advanced training on specific tasks such as starting and stopping, controlled cornering, accident avoidance and other key driving maneuvers in a supportive and enjoyable environment. You will learn how to drive more confidently in any driving condition (wet, dry or snow). Let us help you be the best driver you can be!

**“Best Driver” Level 1

We designed this course for drivers that want to become the best driver they can be, and who have no previous advanced/high-performance driving experience. We teach you how to be comfortable driving at speed by introducing situational awareness and other skills. This program is taught and practiced over a full day of coaching with a mix of classroom theory, on-track practice and very popular skid pad exercises with one of our in-car coaches.

**“Best Driver” Level 2

This course is designed for drivers with high-performance driving experience who want to improve their skills and technique learned during “Best Driver” Level 1. It features a full day of coaching geared to your specific needs. Your day will be structured like “Best Driver Level 1”, however your coach will guide you to greater proficiency and refinement by building on your existing skill set.

**“Best Driver” Level 3

If you are a driver with significant high-performance driving skills and want to build your seat time in a safe and quick lapping day format, look no further!!! Your coach will fine tune your skillset to be safe and fast in a lapping day environment.

*Participants provide their own vehicle for these programs.

**Military Personnel

Military personnel receive a $65 rebate toward the “Best Driver” tuition that is paid to their credit card within 10 days of their registration and payment, after providing us a copy of military ID.


Students under 22 years of age receive a $65 rebate toward the “Best Driver” tuition that is paid to their credit card within 10 days of their registration and payment, and providing us school ID and birth date.

*Only one Loyalty Program discount per driver, per event.

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