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**As a nationally sanctioned race school, we provide race license candidates with the training in order to apply to their regional race authority (e.g. CASC-OR). We also provide advanced coaching to existing race license holders to help them hone their skills and improve their performance.

**Racer Development I

Geared to drivers with no or limited experience in high-performance driving, this course features a full day of coaching with a mix of classroom theory, on-track practice and skid pad exercises with one of our in-car coaches.

**Racer Development II

Designed for drivers with high-performance driving experience who want to improve their technique and build on their skills from Racer Development I, this course features a full day of coaching geared to the driver’s specific areas of improvement. Many of our drivers have taken this course more than once to build on their existing skills and to qualify for Racer Observation.

**Racer Observation

We have designed this program for drivers that have completed Racer Development I & II in preparation for applying for their regional race license. The full-day session includes a combination of “race exercises” and in-car observation by one of our senior coaches. The successful completion of this program will allow the driver to participate in our Race Procedures program.

**Race Procedures

This one-day classroom course focuses on the rules and regulations governing racing and practical “how to” information in preparation for your first race weekend. The day concludes with a written exam with a 75% pass requirement. We have structured the Racer Procedures program so that it can be taken at a mutually-convenient time either at Shannonville Motorsport Park or at a number of other convenient GTA locations.

Upon successful completion of both the Racer Observation and Race Procedures programs, we provide you with a certificate of completion. This certificate will entitle you to apply for a race license with your regional race organization (e.g. CASC-OR). They will generally require a number of items and/or documents to be completed prior to granting your license which will include the following: their form completed, our certificate, a race medical on the appropriate form, evidence of membership in one of a number of affiliated clubs, a passport-size photo, and the race license fee.

**Race Masters

We developed this course to help existing licensed race car drivers that want to fine tune their skills with one-on-one coaching from our senior coaches. ($595.00+HST) Registration Race License Program**

Successful completion provides a necessary qualification to obtain a race license for sanctioned regional racing. There are two parts to the program. Visit our website for details (

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