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Our top trainers are full-time dedicated teaching professionals. Add a crew of 19 race mechanics, plus 4 office administrators, plus 2 instructors and that’s at least 26 people per day to serve a class of twelve students. Toss in a few corner workers, the lunch chef and the ambulance workers who come and go and it’s little wonder that we have never been told that other schools exceed our high level of service – ever!

It’s the little things like pit crew assistance while being belted into your Van Diemen car. That final wipe on your helmet visor. It’s also the major things like having instructors to actually race with you to get that ‘wheel-to-wheel’ perspective behind the wheel of your Van Diemen.

Track Equipment
  • A driver development-inspired track design for testing the limits without the constant intimidation of walls and guardrails. For the 29 years that Goodman Motorsports have run schools, we have never had an injury!
  • All schools loan drivers a suit and a helmet. We also add gloves, socks and a balaclava.
  • On-board extinguishers are in all our Formula cars.
Instruction Trained Staff
  • Our Instructors are hand-picked by the Academy President for their teaching and safety risk management skills – not just for their racing skills.
  • All senior staff and most mechanics are annually re-certified in CPR and First Aid.
  • Lapping, 1-on-1 and race events have at least one ambulance and corner workers.


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