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CSCS is recognized as Canada’s largest sport compact championship.

Canadian Sport Compact Series (CSCS)  is dedicated to the growth and prosperity of the Canadian automotive scene by working with industry leaders to produce a safe and entertaining motorsports event for enthusiasts and competitors.

What makes CSCS unique is the amalgamation of four individual championships into one event. CSCS is home to:

  • Canada’s Biggest Sport Compact Drag Series
  • Canada’s Biggest Time Attack Series
  • Canada’s Biggest Show & Shine Series
  • Ontario’s Biggest Drift Series

By combining all four championships simultaneously at one venue, CSCS is not only a motorsports event, but has become a lifestyle experience for automotive enthusiasts.

Despite attracting some of Canada’s fastest cars in competition, CSCS remains committed to the local communities and continues to encourage drivers of all types to “Prove it at the Track” by offering classes for all skill levels and vehicle types.

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Definitely the largest TA event in canada

If you’re looking for exposure and bragging rights for your sponsors, CSCS is definitely the place to be. It’s crazy how popular the event is, especially in a motorsports-devoid country like canada. Compared to old horror stories, CSCS has definitely improved over the years implementing better more accurate timing systems and they have very high production value promo videos. I got a bit nervous during the time attack because there were so many photographers in the infield but overall it was still a fun experience (even got to see a civil flip upside down randomly :S). It’s a shame I got owned by the rain at the event I went to, if the rain had come and hour earlier or later I would have finished in a very different position!

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