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Event Name
Advanced Driving School
Event Type
Advanced Driving School
BMWCC, Trillium Chapter
CTMP (Mosport) - Grand Prix
Event Link
Registration Link
Minimum experience
Beginner (0 track days)
Event Details
COST: Price quoted is the lowest price available, based on bulk purchase, exclusive of HST taxes and the amount is tax deductible as a tuition. It is a total cost per day so needs to be doubled for the weekend event, including Sat dinner. Go to "schools" tab, then "2015 schools schedule" for complete details on all event dates and prices.

IMPORTANT: Please check for important event details and pre-requisites under "schools" tab, then "about..."

TO REGISTER: go to and select proper event registration link on the right hand side of the home page - thank you!

Our WEEKEND schools cater to all experience levels: novice, intermediate, advanced and solo students. We offer expert, personalized, one-on-one instruction sessions on track, plus high quality classrooms and finally super fun skid pad exercises. Typically, each group of students goes through 4, 30 min rotations of each – per day - so it makes for an engaging event! Note the solo students typically get 7 track sessions per day, in addition to classroom/educational sessions. Indeed the schools are exciting, highly educational and lots of fun! Saturday is culminated with a “track walk”, reviewing each famous Mosport corner “up close and personal” – just like the pros do! Then it is time for catered dinner, refreshments, swag and a full dose of camaraderie. Then, it is off for some well deserved rest and another full day of excitement on Sunday!
Additional Details
  • Instructors available
  • Corner marshals are present
  • Helmets are required
  • Ambulance is on-site
  • Tow truck is on-site
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