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Event Name
Intro to Performance Driving
Event Type
Advanced Driving School
Pinnacle Advanced Driving Academy
TMP (Cayuga) - Road Course
09:00 am
Event Link
Registration Link
Minimum experience
Beginner (0 track days)
Event Details
Have you always wanted to test your driving ability and vehicle on the race track but didn't know where to start or were too intimidated? Our introduction to Performance Driving course provides a safe and fun way to explore the limits of both your driving skills and vehicle while properly introducing you to the world of performance driving and motorsports. Our course will teach you the essentials on how to safely lap your car on the race track and auto slalom course with both classroom and in car instruction.

What you will receive:
2 Hours of Classroom Instruction Focusing on the Essential Skills of: Seating Position, Vision, Steering and Footwork
Catered Lunch
Complementary Photos and Videos of Experience
4 - 5 Hours of On Track Practical Application of Classroom Instruction In Your Own Vehicle
Ride along as a Passenger for Hot Laps with Instructors to Learn Proper Racing Line, Braking Zones, etc.
1:1 Private In Car Instruction
A Detailed Instructor Evaluation and Development Plan
On Track Exercises and Fun Challenge Activities
Open Lapping Time to Work on Skills
Additional Details
  • Instructors available
  • Corner marshals are present
  • Helmets are required
  • Lunch included
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