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Welcome to The Birthplace of Champions!

Shannonville is one of the World’s most versatile and safest motorsport parks.  Its unique design offers advantages to the public and industry that cannot be found anywhere else. Use of the facility by professional race teams, car & motorcycle racing schools, clubs, high performance car & motorcycle street-oriented schools, industry & media for vehicle testing, T.V. programs & commercial production, keeps the park busy every day of the week.

Motorcycle Racing

RACE is a leader in motorcycle roadracing events organizations.RACE (Racing Associates Canada Events), incorporated as RACE EVENTS INC., is a sanctioning body responsible for organizing motorcycle roadracing events in Canada.

RACE was formed in the fall of 1980 with the objective of improving the quality and stature of motorcycle roadracing. It was founded by Shannonville Motorsport Park who recognized the need for a group that specialized in promoting, organizing and aquiring sponsorship exclusively for motorcycle roadracing.

Driving Academy

Instructed by Bill Brack (Canadian Hall of Fame inaugural inductee and Formula 1 driver) and his professional coaches, will show you how to apply the same special driving techniques employed by racers. These techniques will make you a better controlled and confident driver in all weather and road conditions. The smile on your face at the end off the day is just icing on the cake!!


In 2011, we have a full 10 rounds drag series, combined with Luskville Dragway.  Please also see our list of Street drag nights and our Mix and Match evenings where you can choose if you wish to test your car on the drag strip or on the road course or both for the same price.


Shannonville is a natural playground for Supermoto, which is a cross between motorcycle road racing and motocross racing.  We have hosted Supermoto events for years, either on the Nelson track or on the Skid pad track.  This sport involves the combination of racing on asphalt and dirt.  If you don’t wish to race in the series we also offer practice times on our skid pad track on Saturdays and Sundays when the skid pad is available.

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